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Sectoral and complete service to prevent, detect and anticipate fraud in account-to-account payments.

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Sectorial solution

+70 banks connected. Their experts collaborate in the evolution of the tools and in the connection with other international initiatives and organizations.

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360º solution

Service with a sectorial approach integrated in the value chain of instant payments.

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Artificial intelligence

Uses AI models trained with fraud experts from all entities and with the largest possible volume of data.

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Funds recovery

Enables automatic, standardized, and immediate reimbursement of the fraudulently obtained funds to the customer.

What is Payguard?

Payguard represents the joint response of the over 70 entities connected to Iberpay’s service to prevent, detect and anticipate fraud in account-to-account payments. Payguard provides a sectorial response to the growing need for combating fraud in an environment where instant payments are the 'new normal'.

Being one of the pioneering countries in the adoption of instant payments, the Spanish banking community, through Iberpay, is also a leading figure in the implementation of this sectorial anti-fraud service, actively running since 2020.

Based on the information on fraudulent, suspicious or attempted operations that the connected entities share through Iberpay’s platform, the service has several tools that are integrated into the value chain of instant payments and that, in the future, may be interoperable with other similar solutions that are being proposed in other international communities, once they achieve a similar level of maturity.

For the development and evolution of Payguard and its tools, experts in fraud and artificial intelligence from the entities connected work together with Iberpay’s team in order to keep the service aligned with the needs of the entities and the evolution of fraud.


Service tools

Payguard is a sectorial and comprehensive anti-fraud service that is based on the following 6 tools available and planned:

Payguard, sectoral anti-fraud service



T#1 Share

Exchange of fraudulent transactions

Share is the information exchange tool between entities launched in November 2020. It is a centralized database that facilitates the real time exchange of information on fraudulent, suspicious or attempted fraud transactions and in a standard, agile, secure and automatic way between all participants in the service.


How does Share work?

When a connected entity detects a fraud attempt, an unauthorized or suspected transaction, Payguard informs the rest of the entities connected in real time 

The counterparty of the transaction checks the data of the transaction and incorporates new relevant information. Among the data reported are: transaction data, IP, type of fraud and account type.


T#2 Rescue

Funds recovery

Entities request the recovery of funds lost due to fraud or scam through the Rescue tool. The procedure simplifies the recovery of funds when an unauthorized transaction is detected by standardizing and visualizing the status of refund requests from each entity. This procedure applies to both regular and instant credit transfers processed and settled through the payment system, including Bizum.


T#3 Prevalidate

Verify the ownership of an account

Prevalidate is the tool for entities and their clients to verify the ownership of an account before making a payment, to avoid certain types of fraud.

Payguard leverages Iberpay’s Account Ownership service which enables connected entities and their clients to confirm that a VAT/tax ID is the account holder, or not, of a payment account in another bank connected to the service. Given that this service involves the participation of all entities in the Spanish banking system, it guarantees confirming the ownership of over 80 million payment accounts (99% of Spanish bank accounts).


T#4 Intelligence

Fraud predictive model

This tool permanently evaluates the system’s transactions and enables the identification of new mule accounts and operations (fraudulent or AML-FT) in each connected entity using a predictive model that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning. Entities are periodically informed of accounts displaying anomalous activity for investigation. Each entity must in turn confirm whether these accounts are suspicious, thereby providing feedback to the analytical engine.


T#5 Score

Real-time risk assessment

With the application of artificial intelligence to the Share tool, via the tool Intelligence, different behaviours are identified that correspond to a greater presence of fraud. These indicators are made available to entities though two real-time APIS, decoupled from the transaction flow. Entities can thus assess the risk of an operation and, along with the information already available to the entity, will enable them to make a decision regarding its final issuance.


T#6 Networks

Neural model for mule account networks

This tool will be the subject of a future project that aims to analyse in real time the movements of funds between accounts, to identify networks of mule accounts and irregular transactions (AML-FT), and provide feedback to the analytical engine through neural network models.

How can my entity connect to Payguard?

Credit institutions, payment institutions, electronic money institutions can join the service as long as they have their own IBANs* and are participants or accessible entities in the payment system managed by Iberpay (SNCE).

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(*) To participate in our service, you must be an account management entity duly authorized by the Bank of Spain (BdE) or equivalent regulatory bodies.