About Iberpay

Iberpay manages the Spanish payment system (Sistema Nacional de Compensación Electrónica, SNCE), a critical payment infrastructure specialized in processing, clearing and settling payment instruments to and from current accounts: credit transfers, instant credit transfers, direct debits, cheques and bills of exchange. Furthermore, as manager of the Spanish Cash Distribution System (SDA), Iberpay plays a key role in the distribution of cash to financial entities. Iberpay also provides other value-added technological and digital services related to payments.

Iberpay connects banks, companies and citizens to process and settle their payments. It fulfills a critical mission in a developed society by facilitating the circulation of funds between accounts and supporting the country’s economy. Its functions are those of an interbank clearing house.

We connect banks, bank accounts, citizens and companies to process their payments

We Connect Banks, Payment Accounts, Citizens And Companies 2023


Iberpay is a company employing hi-tech for payment processing using its own innovative technology. Iberpay’s CICLOM platform is a critical infrastructure with high-processing-capacity technical and communication architecture, offering maximum availability, scalability and security.

Iberpay is leading the implementation of SEPA-payment standards within the Spanish financial sector. It supports its pan-European activity providing interoperability links and ensuring that Spanish entities can process their payments reaching almost all European counterparts. In addition, Iberpay is carrying out intense activity in many Latin American countries.

Iberpay processed 3,000 million payment transactions in 2023 for a total value of €2.7 trillion. Iberpay averaged 12 million transactions per day, with dauly peaks of 27.9 million transactions.

Iberpay processes instant credit transfers in Spain, ensuring that citizens and companies can make instant credit transfers, at their convenience, from and to their bank accounts, in real time and 24x7, with full guarantee and security. In 2023, Iberpay has processed over 1,011 million instant credit transfers worth 119,000 million euros, representing 53.6% of total credit transfers in Spain, compared to the 15.5% average in Europe.

Government and users

Almost all banks operating in Spain use the services provided by Iberpay. 20 credit institutions participate directly and settle payments in the Payment System (SNCE) representing the rest of the banks that clear and settle retail payments in Spain.

Iberpay currently has 13 shareholding credit institutions with direct participation in the Payment System (SNCE).

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Direct Participants in the SNCE: Level of activity as of 31 December 2023

Direct Participants In The SNCE. Level Of Activity As Of 31 December 2022

Contribution to the sector

Iberpay maintains permanent collaboration with other key institutions, banks and companies in the financial sector both in Spain and in Europe with the aim of providing the market with harmonised sectorial payment solutions under the best technical and operational practices. Iberpay is an active collaborator in the following working groups:



  • Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures on Payments (AMI-Pay)
  • European Ciber Resilience Board (ECRB)
  • Partnership Progam for Euro Banknotes



  • AMI-Pay España
  • SDA General Coordination Committee


COMITÉ NACIONAL DE PAGOS (Spanish Payments Committee):

  • Permanent Member



  • Associate Member



  • EPC Scheme Technical Player Multi-Stakeholder Group (STP MSG)
  • EPC Multi-Stakeholder Group in Request-to-Pay (RTP MSG)



  • EACHA Member and President of the board of directors
  • EACHA Technical Group
  • EACHA Innovation Group (EIG)



  • SWIFT Spain Member and User Association



  • Member of Alastria



  • Active Member 


ELOCC (Latin American Meeting of Clearing House Operators):

  • Participant

Security, Business Continuity and Cyber-Resilience

Iberpay plays a critical and essential role to ensure financial stability and develop economic activity. For this reason, it is of the highest strategic priority to guarantee the security of operations, business continuity and, definitively, the highest cyber resilience of each and every one of the services and technical platforms.

Recognising this, Iberpay has for years incorporated the best international practices and standards in the field of cyber-resilience, through the implementation of a governance and management framework aligned with the Eurosystem's cyber-resilience strategy for Financial Market Infrastructures and with the CPMI-IOSCO guidelines of the International Payments Bank of Basel, under the supervision of the Bank of Spain.

In an increasingly interconnected world, cyber resilience requires a collaborative approach between public and private organisations. Sharing information on threats, vulnerabilities and best practices is essential to strengthen the collective security posture. Iberpay actively participates in forums and collaborative groups at national and European level within the Euro Cyber Resilience Board (ECRB), promoting initiatives to improve the cyber resilience of financial sector infrastructures.