Ad-hoc solutions

Iberpay offers institutions the opportunity to create customized services for their institution that are sustainable, scalable and adaptable over time, according to their specific needs. These solutions could be for an entity or group of entities, which would allow establishing synergies in costs and operations.


Some examples of ad-hoc solutions provided by Iberpay are:


1. CICLOM APIS service, a service that allows entities to import SNCE tracking information into their own corporate applications through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).


2. Remittance service for instant transfers, service that Iberpay makes available to the entities participating in the SNCE Immediate Transfers subsystem and that allows sending instant transfer files to CICLOM for processing and settlement in real time, through the subsystem or through the Iberpay Gateway with RT1 and/or with TIPS.


3. SEPA XML Converter, solution to convert interbank formats from flat files to ISO 20022 XML messages, and vice versa, according to the Iberpay SEPA Transfer and Debit Interfaces, defined according to the EPC (European Payments Council) Implementation Guidelines.


4. Real-time monitoring service, which allows entities to visualize in real time all their CICLOM information and statistics through customized dashboards.


More information and contact

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