Servicie for PSPs

Account Switching

We provide a sectoral and standard service to switch accounts between entities, automatically and available 24x7

9000 account switched

on average per month

79 participating entities

in the service

15000 switch requests

on a peak month

What is the account switching service?

The account switching service is an interbank, standarised and sectoral service provided by Iberpay that facilitates the exchange of the information necessary in an account switch in less than five days: balances, periodic transfers and direct debits associated to the account.

The automatic exchange of information is available through web services which also enables the integration of the service in the entity's own platforms or applications. In addition, the service provides an information system to send and receive requests manually, as well as to consult its activity and statistics.


How does the service work?



  1. Bank A, the requesting entity, sends an account switch request following a client’s request to do so.
  2. The service receives, processes and distributes the request to Bank B.
  3. Bank B replies with the requested information within a maximum period of 5 business days.
  4. The service sends the requesting entity a reply with the necessary information to make the account switch: type of account switch, direct debit transactions, recurring deposits (salaries, pensions, etc.), or other payment arrangements.
  5. The information system is available for participants to send and reply requests manually, if desired.

The information system

Participating entities and users of this service may access the information system available 24x7 via a browser:


  • Operate online: send and receive current account switching requests
  • Consult its activity and statistics
  • Check the list of participating entities in the service
  • Verify entities' availability in the service
  • Manage queries and solve possible incidents related to the service 




How to become a participant

If you are a PSP and would like to become a participant in Iberpay's account switching service, our team will guide you in the process to join the service.




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