Iberpay Link with EACHA

Iberpay link with EACHA

These links facilitate the processing and settlement of SEPA transfers with the nearly 4,000 entities in the SEPA area belonging to the EACHA (European Association of Clearing Houses) with which Iberpay maintains interoperability agreements, currently:

  • Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany)
  • equensWorldline (Holland and Belgium)
  • KIR (Poland)

The use of these links is very economical for the entities as there is no additional cost per operation, since in the EACHA model each payment system assumes its own costs (there are no fees between Chambers) and does not require that the entities be participants in another payment system.

Adherence to this service of international Payment Gateways under the EACHA standard, with the Deutsche Bundesbank, equensWorldline and KIR chambers, allows entities to channel all their SEPA traffic, national and cross-border, through the CICLOM technological platform, responsible for the management of the SNCE, through a single technical connection, a single exchange and settlement procedure and the same file formats.


Access and Admission procedure

In order to participate in the Iberpay link with EACHA, it is necessary to be a participant in the SEPA transfer subsystem, therefore adhere to the SEPA Transfer scheme, and request Iberpay to join the gateway.

To consult the formal and technical requirements to participate in the subsystem, please click here.


More information

For more information on how to join this gateway, you can contact Iberpay via email snce@iberpay.es.