Technology Consulting

Iberpay leverages its platform and technological capabilities to offer quality solutions tailored to the needs of financial institutions. Iberpay's goal is to help and contribute to the success and excellence of financial institutions, through specialized advice and innovative solutions that they need in the field of payments through our consulting services.

Iberpay's team's extensive experience and specialization in the field of account-toaccount payments makes it an exceptional partner for financial institutions, offering them creative solutions oriented towards the technological vanguard. In order to adapt to the specific needs of each institution, our team is composed of diverse profiles that complement each other. In this way, we can guarantee that we will find the most appropriate solution to address the challenges posed.


Technology Services

The objective of our technology consulting services is to help clients design, execute and accelerate their digital transformation plans, maximizing the value that technology brings to the business and ensuring alignment with the organization's strategic objectives.

Our services range from the development of customized software, the implementation of innovation projects and even technical and operational support for organizations. In this way we provide technological solutions tailored to the individual needs of the entities, we promote innovation and provide specialized support in technical and operational areas related to payments and integrations with Iberpay systems.


1.  Software development

This service offers customized software development to solve problems or meet specific needs of each entity. It can include from developments related to the connection to Iberpay, to more extensive projects, such as the end-to-end integration of the client with Iberpay.

Some projects in execution, among others, are: redirection solutions (after STP processing and settlement) of operations with shared root BIC codes or the development of a front end adapted to the needs of the entity for the fraud prevention service.


2.  Innovation projects

This service provides support to the different areas of the entities through the implementation of customized innovation projects. This includes the launch of use cases for emerging technologies such as Request to Pay (RTP), smart payments, international payments or digital money. The goal is to drive innovation and help institutions adopt new technologies to improve their services and streamline processes.


3.  Technical and operational support

We offer specific support to institutions in various technical and operational areas. This can range from connection to Iberpay, representation changes, BIC changes, integrations and modifications in connection models and data centers. In addition, collaboration is provided in the entity's projects in the area of payments on account, offering specialized and punctual support that is integrated within the entity's technical teams.

Some projects in execution, among others, are: technical and operational support in the migration of all the operations of a technical center entity, technical and operational support in the accession of represented entities, technical and operational support in the integration of entities or technical and operational support in their cloud migration project.


More information and contact

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