Link with STEP2 service

Iberpay link with EBA Clearing's STEP2 service

Iberpay offers an international connection to process SEPA credit transfers and direct debits with the entities that participate in EBA Clearing's STEP2 service. 

Entities may send and receive their SEPA credit transfers and direct debits with STEP2 service through the same connection already established with Iberpay's platform CICLOM, avoiding any technical complexities or having to connect to other networks and protocols, thus guaranteeing a minimum impact on their developments and tests. 

In this service, Iberpay operates as a "technical facilitator", establishing the technical and operational links to provide the entities with this interoperability. Entities adhered to these links must previously be direct or indirect participants in EBA Clearing's STEP2 services.

Currently, Iberpay's link with STEP2 offers access to over 4,500 entities in the euro area.

Access and admission procedure

To participate in Iberpay's Link with STEP2, it is necessary to be a participant in Iberpay's SEPA credit transfers and/or direct debit subsystems, as well as:

  • To adhere the SEPA Direct Debits Core scheme, to process SEPA debits through Iberpay's Link STEP2 SDD Core.
  • To adhere the SEPA Direct Debits B2B scheme to process SEPA debits debits through Iberpay's Link STEP2 SDD B2B (optional scheme).
  • To adhere the SEPA Credit Transfer scheme to process SEPA credit transfers through the Iberpay's Link with STEP2 SCT.

Additionally, it is also necessary to participate in the corresponding EBA Clearing services: STEP2 SCT, STEP2 SDD Core and/or STEP2 SDD B2B, as well as to sign the corresponding agreement contract with Iberpay.

For information regarding the formal and technical requirements to participate in the subsystem, click here.


More information

For more information on this service, you may contact Iberpay via the following email: