CICLOM Platform

Platform CICLOM

CICLOM is one of the most advanced technological payment platforms. Entirely designed and developed by Iberpay, it is in constant evolution and provides innovative solutions for real-time payment processing technology with availability 24x7.

CICLOM is a pan-European payments infrastructure that has a technical and communications architecture with high processing capacity, maximum availability, scalability and security.


CICLOM Platform

CICLOM Platform


Real-time monitoring

CICLOM allows entities to monitor their interbank payment activity and control their debtor or creditor positions in real time. Its information system called eCICLOM is accessible through the internet and by means of CICLOM Open APIs service.


Security and Business Continuity

Iberpay's top priority is to ensure, at all times, the security of the transactions processed and the continuity and availability of the services and technical infrastructures it manages.

Iberpay has a Cybersecurity Governance and Management Framework based on the cyber-resilience strategy of the Eurosystem for Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs) and on the CPMI-IOSCO cyber-resilience guide of the Basel International Payments Bank.

The security and continuity management and procedures of CICLOM platform, as well as the different processes that SNCE constitutes, are carried out in compliance with the ISO 27001 Information Security and ISO 22301 Business Continuity standards. Compliance with these are certified annually by AENOR since 2012 and 2013, respectively.



CICLOM's technical features

CICLOM platform has been designed and developed by Iberpay to process transactions in real-time and to manage the transactional information online. The platform, together with the communications network with the entities and the European connections, is a pan-European payments infrastructure with high processing capacity and maximum availability, scalability and cyber-resilience.

In addition to its functional characteristics, it provides the following technical features:

  • Two active-active processing centres, operating simultaneously, with redundant fault-tolerant architecture, dynamic processing-load sharing and automatic reciprocal backup.
  • High-capacity, scalable multiprocessing engine that provides flexibility and speed to adapt to the needs of transactional traffic.
  • High-capacity virtual private networks and dedicated lines with entities and their connections with other European processors, as well as with the Eurosystem’s TARGET2 and TIPS platforms (SWIFT and EBICS).
  • Information systems that allow entities to monitor their interbank payment activity and their risk positions in real-time, available through the internet and through real-time, secure and standardized APIs.

Finally, it should be noted that the equipment is renewed periodically, every 3 or 4 years, and the technical development and exploitation infrastructures are updated with the latest technologies with the aim of improving and optimizing processing capacities.

In particular, between 2018 and 2019, several components of the technical infrastructure have been renewed achieving a significant improvement in processing times of transactions within the Spanish Payment System, reaching a 20% reduction in processing times of direct debits and credit transfers files of around and up to a 50% reduction on instant credits transfers processing times.

Processing capacity

For instant credit transfers processing, CICLOM platform offers a single technical and operational interface, both for domestic and European cross-border traffic. By using the same connection already established with CICLOM, entities avoid further technical complexities or the use of different networks or protocols.

To guarantee the service under any scenario, at all times and in the event of an unexpected peak level, CICLOM has been certified with a processing capacity much higher than its current traffic of 900,000 instant credit transfers on average per day, reaching over 1.2 million on a peak day.

With the current configuration of its architecture, an external audit has certified CICLOM’s capacity to process over 14 million instant credit transfers in one day, allowing the possibility of scaling this processing capacity, relatively easily and in a short period of time, horizontally and vertically, in the case of a sudden increase of traffic.



Daily processing capacityin CICLOM for SCT Inst


Processing times

CICLOM platform offers the best end-to-end interbank processing times. In continuous enhancement, instant credit transfers are processed in less than 2 seconds on average, achieving a processing time of 0.76 seconds in the ASI6 service. From the total processing end-to-end time, CICLOM platform only consumes 0.02 seconds; the rest of the time being invested on intermediate communication processes and on the entities side.

Iberpay’s instant credit transfer processing and settlement service is completely neutral with regards to the channels and the payment services originating the instant credit transfers. CICLOM processes all types of instant credit transfers initiated from any of the value-added services that the entities offer to their clients. (Bizum, online banking, mobile banking app, business services, etc.)

Average end-to-end processing time for SCT Inst

Average End To End Processing Time For SCT Inst

CICLOM platform’s average processing time for SCT Inst

CICLOM Platform's Average Processing Time For SCT Inst