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SEPA XML ISO 20022 Converter

XML SEPA Converters

Regulation (EU) No. 260/2012, of the European Parliament and of the Council, establishes the XML ISO 20022 standard for communication of payment orders between financial institutions or payment systems.

Iberpay provides financial institutions with two solutions to convert interbank flat file formats to XML ISO 20022 messages, and vice versa, in accordance with Iberpay's SEPA transfer and debit interfaces, defined in accordance with the EPC (European Payments Council) Implementation Guidelines. ).

The two types of conversion offered by Iberpay are the following:

  1. Software tool for conversion into the entity's technological platform

    Consisting of a set of executable programs, the tool is integrated into the entity's technological platform through a simple installation, with versions available for the IBM z / OS and HP-UX platforms.

    This Iberpay tool offers a high conversion capacity per unit of time compared to other tools available on the market, converting a file of 100,000 SEPA operations in less than 30 seconds (approximately, depending on the hardware equipment available in the entity) .

    The entities that use the software tool benefit from the following advantages:

    • Flexibility to integrate it into the internal processes of the financial institution.
    • High conversion capacity compared to other tools offered on the market..
    • Avoid dedicating resources or technical capabilities to the development of interbank messages in XML ISO 20022 format.


  2. Conversion service from Iberpay's technological platform

    Financial entities that prefer to avoid the installation of specific programs in their infrastructures, can opt for the Iberpay conversion service, which provides, in a direct and secure way, the conversion of flat files to XML ISO 20022, and vice versa, from the Iberpay platform.

    Of this service, it is worth highlighting the simplicity of its operation: the user sends the file with SEPA operations to Iberpay in plain or XML format through one of the established communication channels. Once the precise validations have been passed, the platform automatically transforms the file to the indicated format and returns it to the user through the same channel. 

    This modality offers, in addition to the advantages provided by the tool, that no investment is required in infrastructure or specific software and the user can monitor the conversion process in real time through the information system, eCICLOM.


In both conversion solutions, Iberpay guarantees the permanent updating of the software conversion rules in accordance with the evolution of the SEPA schemes and ISO 20022 messaging.




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