Automated access to SNCE tracking information

CICLOM Open APIs is the service that allows entities to import SNCE monitoring information into their own corporate applications through APIs ('Application Programming Interfaces').

In general, the information for monitoring the processing, clearing and settlement of the payments processed in the SNCE is available online for all the entities participating in Iberpay through the SNCE Information System, eCICLOM.

The CICLOM Open APIs service is designed to help obtain the maximum performance of the CICLOM Information System, offering entities a solution to automatically and securely import SNCE real-time monitoring information into their own computer applications through the use of standardized APIs.

CICLOM Open APIs provides autonomy over the independent treatment of information by allowing entities to consume their data to adapt and integrate them into their corporate applications and operations monitoring dashboards.


Direct and secure access to information through APIs

The entities will have at their disposal in real time through the APIs of this service the following elements of information related to their activity in the SNCE:

  • General summary of the exchange of operations by SNCE subsystem and date of exchange.
  • Details of exchanged files, by subsystem and exchange date.
  • Settlement information, by subsystem, settlement date and counterparty.
  • Online settlement position by subsystem.
  • Up to 52 different statistical queries, with various information selection criteria: subsystem, exchange date, settlement date, entity, scheme, etc.


CICLOM Open APIS Service


Ventajas del servicio CICLOM Open APIs

  • Permite a la entidad procesar, estructurar y maquetar la información de seguimiento de CICLOM de la forma que más le convenga y desde sus propias aplicaciones corporativas.
  • La información está disponible ininterrumpidamente en horario 24x7.
  • Ofrece un alto rendimiento al proporcionar un elevado volumen de información por unidad de tiempo.
  • Las APIs definidas por Iberpay están basadas en servicios web que pueden ser consumidos o invocados por aplicaciones cliente construidas prácticamente en cualquier lenguaje de programación.
  • El uso de protocolos estandarizados facilita la integración de las APIs con las aplicaciones corporativas de la entidad.
  • La seguridad en el acceso y en la información intercambiada está garantizada por la seguridad de la propia red privada MPLS de Iberpay y por las medidas adicionales contempladas.



Operation of the CICLOM Open APIs service


APIs are a set of rules (code) and specifications created in order to be used to communicate information between different programs. The APIs that provide the information in the provision of the CICLOM Open APIs service are fully developed by Iberpay and work through web services that financial institutions can invoke from their corporate applications at any time and through multiple programming languages.

Iberpay's private MPLS network is used to provide the service, deployed over a fiber optic network that guarantees a high capacity for the exchange of information and maximum security in communications, since the information exchanged is encrypted by the network itself, and accessible only by the connected financial entity.

Additionally, security in access and in the information exchanged is guaranteed by the application of the measures and procedures established in the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and in the Business Continuity Management System (SGCN) of Iberpay, which comply with the ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 standards respectively, both certified by AENOR.

CICLOM Open Apis (Functioning)




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