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Madrid, 20 junio 2023

Andorran banks join Iberpay’s instant payments service

The three main Andorran banks, Crèdit Andorrà, MoraBanc and Andbank, have joined the payment system managed by Iberpay. Iberpay provides the interbank rails necessary to process any payment service based on SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme (SCT Inst) throughout all the SEPA area.

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Madrid, 04 enero 2023

The Spanish Payment System incorporates the first e-money institution

The electronic money institution PecunPay (Pecunia Cards EDE) has connected to the Spanish Payment System as “accessible entity” through the direct participant Inversis. The Spanish Payment System has thus standardized to other European payment systems where payment and e-money institutions participate since some time ago as "accessible entities" to send or receive payments.

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Madrid, 10 noviembre 2022

The Spanish banking sector prepares for the possible issuance of the digital euro by the ECB

Spanish financial institutions, with the support of the Spanish payment infrastructures, have joined forces and set up a working group to carry out a proof of concept (POC), the purpose of which is to assess the impact of the implementation of the digital euro by the ECB.

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